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Zeta Chemicals is a wholesale supplier of specialty building blocks and intermediates to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agrochemical industry. Our aim is to enhance the drug development process by providing a service that delivers products at a cost effective price and to required timescales.
We equally have super fast and reliable delivery to Europe, USA & rest of the world. Our site provides real time stock information – we aim to ship same day for in stock items.

Browse our website or search for specific products by using our search feature. You can order and pay directly online or Contact Us with your list of research chemicals you are looking to order.

What are Some Uses of Research Chemicals?

For years now, researchers have used molecular structure theory to design and synthesize new substances from already existing chemicals. Today, chemists can synthesize over 90 million new substances each year. Synthetic activity is the most common activity in chemistry and is comparable to the activities of engineering.

Only a small percentage of chemical synthesis is intended for uses outside of chemistry. The bulk of new substances are created for research purposes, where they can be improved upon. However, human consumption of these research chemicals is strictly prohibited. These research chemicals are useful in other areas, and many industries rely on them.

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