AlphaPuff Kit


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Alphapuff Kit 

The Alphapuff Kit is an incredibly handy, portable multitool that has all of the things you need for smoking packed into one little device. Inside the package, there is a refillable butane torch lighter, rolling papers, filter tips, a magnetic grinder, and storage space, as well as a cleaning brush.

All of these items are packed inside of a hard, long-lasting blue plastic. If you have an Alphapuff Kit, then you will be able to keep much better track of all of your smoking paraphernaliaIt makes smoking as easy and as convenient as it can possibly be. If you smoke frequently, or if you have a bad habit of losing things, then this product is perfect for you.  

Where can I buy an Alphapuff Kit?  

Here at our chemicals shop, we sell Alphapuff Kits. We are one of the top Alphapuff Kit vendors on the internet. You must be over the age of 18 to buy an Alphapuff Kit from us.  

Alphapuff Kit Legality  

Alphapuff kits are legal as long as you only use them to smoke legal substances such as tobacco. If you use them to smoke illegal substances, then they could potentially be counted as drug paraphernalia.   

For legal reasons, we emphasize the fact that this product is intended for tobacco and other legal product use only.

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